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111 Center Dr

Brunswick, GA 31520

Karate Classes



The beginners class is for white, orange, and yellow belts. The classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students will learn basic karate skills including different kicks and punches to prepare them for sparring.



This class is for yellow belts and higher. Sparring class is every Thursday. Students practice skills learned, on their peers and their instructors. Students are challenged physically and mentally. Protective gear is required for this class.



Black Belt Club

The black-belt club is for camo, green, blue, and purple belts. Black-belt club classes are on Tuesdays and thursdays. Students will learn more advanced skills like one-on-one defense and they also begin sparring.

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The Masters Class is for brown, red, and black-belts. These classes are on tuesdays and thursdays. In this class students begin preparing for their black-belt. Students learn different weapons and leadership skills as well as group sparring in addition to advanced one-on-one defense.

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